Release Your Unwanted Weight While Creating Optimal Health for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Mary Lane’s Session Replay:
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern

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Mary Lane

Nature Has the Ideal Diet Plan

Nature has the ideal diet plan for every environment that balances our body mind and spirit. It balances our ability to “receive, and let go.”

Receiving nourishment, and letting go of what no longer serves is necessary for health. It is necessary on every level of our being, not just the physical. The receptive, (feminine) aspect of ourselves, whether you are male or female has been shut down on a collective level. It has put humanity in scarcity mode.

The body is responding to that and so holds onto everything, it can’t let go. When it holds on to something past its usefulness it becomes toxic to our system. This creates stress, which in turn creates more holding on. People under stress have a much more difficult time with their weight. So nourishing ourselves aligned with the wisdom of nature supports us to balance this. It also heals our sense of worthiness to receive nourishment.

It is not just about what we eat, but also, very much about our relationship with nourishment. It reflects how we feel about ourselves.

What You'll Learn In this Session:

  • The food we eat nourishes and affects us on all levels, not just our body, and supports optimum health and ideal weight for each individual.
  • As we have learned that we need to heal the whole being, we also need to nourish the whole being.
  • Our disconnection from the Earth and “receptive” quality of ourselves must heal if we are to be a healthy human being.
  • If you are holding onto old beliefs that do not serve you to grow and receive the nourishment of life your body responds by doing the same. This can lead to being overweight, and diets that do not address this cannot be effective long term.
  • First easy steps to eat seasonally and align with nature’s diet plan.
  • Gratitude for the sacredness of the food we take in is a posture that opens our bodies to receive the nourishment.

Mary Lane | Biography

Mary Lane is an elder who has walked the archetypal journey through the healing of the wounded feminine. She has distilled the wisdom from her lifelong experiences, deep connection with the natural world, spirit allies, and pivotal trainings that have supported her to translate and articulate the sacred language of our Mother. She is the author of Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food and Meena, The fiery story of a heroine’s initiation, reclaiming her authentic sexual nature and her relationship with the Great Mother

Because Mary embodies the journey, she is able to support women to navigate and distill the wisdom of their own journey. Through a year-long mentorship, she supports them how to ride the waves of transformation through every moon cycle and season, and integrate the ride into a monthly ritual practice that deepens their own direct connection. As a result, there is a remembering, reclamation, and restoration of the lost earth wisdom we all carry and were collectively cut off from, when the feminine qualities and power were devalued. 

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