Release Your Unwanted Weight While Creating Optimal Health for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dana James’s Session Will Be Broadcast On This Page:
Saturday, April 9th 2022 at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern

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Dana James

The Art & Science of Weight Management

Dana James

The Art & Science of Weight Management

Go beyond the usual nutrition realm with Dana. As a bridge between the world of science & chemistry she can connect us with the underlying emotional & behavioural aspects of weight loss. Know what foods to eat, how to eat (and we’re not talking knives and forks here), what your biochemical needs are and what your basal metabolic rate is. In this interview, Dana reveals to us simple strategies for emotional eating and teaches us about what can be inhibiting our weight loss.

What You'll Learn In this Session:

  • Learn how our body burns fat and why calorie counting doesn’t work
  • Discover what food sensitivities are and how they block fat loss
  • Understand the difference between environmental control and behavioural control
  • Transform your energy by eliminating what takes an enormous amount of energy that could be better utilized elsewhere
  • Educate about what role emotional triggers, (positive and negative), play in our personal transformation

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Dana James | Biography

Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN is a nutritional therapist, writer and founder of Food Coach NYC.

She holds her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and is trained in nutrition biochemistry, functional medicine and cognitive behavioural therapy. She writes for Elle and is a wellness expert for Mind Body Green.

Dana combines nutrition with psychology and spirituality to bring about a transformational change in her clients’ lives. She believes that a clean eating plan is the foundation of a successful weight loss program but on it’s own, it is often insufficient to bring long-lasting results. Her philosophy is to break the emotional bondage that that inhibits weight loss by creating a set of tools that leads to a more abundant, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Dana’s humorous approach to nutrition is frequently sought after by the Today Show, GMA, Fox and Friends and Pix 11. She’s educated, funny and real.

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