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What The Holistic Weight Loss Collection Students Are Saying...


“We Have Already Noticed Changes in Our Energy and Body Fat Reduction”

 “I truly enjoyed the collection and learned new health information and insight into my own experience in my weightloss journey! I started (along w/ my partner) a light diet shift – and we have already noticed changes in our energy and body fat reduction with this easy change.”

~ M Johnson


“I Felt Positive That Weight Reduction Could Actually Happen For Me”

The opportunity to hear from all these experts was incredible. You do learn something from everyone and can choose what would benefit you at the moment. After listening to the summit, I felt positive that weight reduction could actually happen for me.”

L. Jacobsen


“What a Refreshing Positive Way to Lose Weight!”

“What a refreshing positive way to lose weight! If society adopts this approach, it will be a revolutionary advance in healthy living. I have spent my life dieting. Now look forward to spending my life loving!”

~ M. Karnia


“This is Totally Awesome!”

“What an absolutely amazing Session! So much wisdom , so much entertainment! Thank you all who are making this profoundly beneficial collection possible. This is totally awesome!”

~ M. Yonova


“This Summit Has Been Very Enlightening”

“This summit has been very enlightening, so much information that I’ve not heard of or considered. Thanks for the simple yet articulate expression of your knowledge, and for asking so many great questions.”

~ W Waring


“I Have Learned So Much From These Sessions!”

“Practical, everyday solutions and tips for the everyday person, which I really appreciate! I am delighted that I came across this collection. I have been on a health/wellness/spiritual quest for a few years now, but I have learned sooooo much from these sessions!”

~ E. Crone